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Greatest student section of all time? BYU’s ROC helps fund a trip to Provo

Houston v BYU Photo by Jay Drowns/Getty Images

I believe it was James Taft Fredette who said, “Ask not what you can do for your student section, but what can your student section do you.”

This week Katana Whitaker asked for help from The ROC, BYU’s student section, and boy howdy did they deliver.

It all started Monday morning when Katana Whitaker sent out a tweet searching for a benefactor in her quest to attend the BYU vs Gonzaga game on Thursday. She even offered up her hand in marriage to anyone who would help a girl out.

While this tweet was probably sent in jest, The ROC didn’t mess around. They quickly did some research and inquired the help of their twitter following, asking everyone to donate money via Venmo to Katana so she could make the trip from Texas up to Provo.

In less than 48 hours the BYU student section was able to pitch in enough money to help pay for the trip, and now Katana will be there in person to watch BYU take on the number one team in the country.

There has been no official word from Katana if she plans on fielding marriage proposals from the entire student section, but we’ll be sure to pass along any information as we receive it.