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Video: Mississippi State’s Defensive Coordinator gives nicest breakdown you’ll hear of BYU’s offense

Kudos to MSU’s DC for finding the good in every situation

Mississippi State v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

After beating Mississippi State in double OT last year in Provo, BYU will travel to Starkville on Saturday to face off as heavy underdogs versus the Bulldogs.

Mississippi State defensive coordinator Todd Grantham talked about BYU’s offense on Tuesday, and gave the brightest outlook you could possibly give of the abysmal Cougar offense. Of course, coaches will almost always be complimentary of opponents so their players don’t overlook a team, but it was still fun to hear Grantham’s take on BYU’s offense.

“Downhill running game”, “west coast flavor”, and “NFL flavor” were some of the terms Grantham used when talking about BYU.

Grantham was particularly complimentary of freshmen Ula Tolutau (though he didn’t mention him directly) and Matt Bushman, who have been two bright spots for the BYU offense.

Grantham’s comments can be seen in the video (2:18) below: