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Cougs on Cougs: BYU Football finally did a couple of good things

Jordan fills in for Jess and he and Mary bring back Coaching from the Couch after it was on probation due to bad play from BYU Football.

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BYU v Mississippi State Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

One and six. It does not sound good. It does not feel good. But it is BYU Football’s record after seven games. Mary’s husband Jordan Blanchard fills in for Jess in episode 86 and they’re hashing it all out.

Despite the Cougars’ 35-10 loss to the Mississippi State Bulldogs, Jess and Mary finally felt like enough good things happened to bring back Coaching from the Couch. The typically weekly segment has been on probation for the past several weeks due to poor showings from the Cougars. But between the few turnovers BYU snagged Saturday, and a couple of flashes of brilliance from QB Tanner Mangum, the ladies felt they had enough material for ‘what went right.’ Coach Mary Blanchard shares where she thinks the offense is still falling short and gives a much-deserved shoutout to Dayan Ghanwoloku for his two interceptions. Coach Jordan Blanchard shares what went wrong and what went right on behalf of Coach Tyler.

Then it’s time for a brief and TripAdvisor-fueled Along the Trail to Fame and Glory. Unfortunately, Jess and Mary failed to find a BYU fan in the Greenville area (even though they’re certain there are some — where are you guys!?) so Jordan and Mary resorted to the interwebs to find a few suggestions on things to do and places to eat for Cougar fans making the trip out east. Greenville’s got some great antiquing, a beautiful park, and more. It also has a delicious-looking Indian place called Cinnamon, and a place you definitely need to check out if you’re looking to try some authentic North Carolina BBQ (and if you’re not, why are you even making the trip? C’mon man).

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Finally it’s time for Talk of the Town. It’s full of some good news — like Mississippi State fans showing some great hospitality to visiting Cougars, Jimmer meeting his idol, and Tyler Haws signing a basketball contract here in the states. It’s also full of some less good news, like Matt Hadley having surgery and dealing with a knee problem, and Harvey and Cassidy Langi being involved in a pretty serious car crash in Massachusetts. Best wishes to all of them. There’s so much more to life than football.

It’s the worst defense against the almost-worst offense this week, in the East Carolina vs. BYU Football matchup. Could this be the offensive spark/outing that the Cougars so desperately need? CBSSN. Five p.m. Saturday.

See you next week!

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