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CougarCast: BYU Football at East Carolina

Cougars vs. Pirates = Barry Horowitz vs. Brooklyn Brawler

East Carolina v South Carolina Photo by Mary Ann Chastain/ Getty Images

The East Carolina Pirates and the BYU Cougars are two of the worst teams in the country. Both of them own 1 victory on the season. Both of them have 6 losses.

So, naturally, BYU basketball color commentator, Mark Durrant, became the BYU fan Greek Chorus when he asked:

We will find out for sure on Saturday.

Until then, Tosh and Keith are here to discuss all the angles of the BYU football program and their prospects at picking up the season’s 1st victory over an FBS team in this edition of CougarCast.

In this episode:

  • Ball security problems for the Cougars have been a huge part of the rough start. (2:30)
  • BYU’s failure to have successful kickoff returns. (6:06)
  • Which BYU Football player has exceeded expectations? (9:30)
  • Which BYU Football player has regressed in 2017? (10:00)
  • East Carolina team and game preview (12:40)
  • ECU QB Thomas Sirk presents a difficult problem for BYU’s secondary especially when targeting Davon Grayson. (13:20)
  • Watching for “Body Blow Theory” for BYU following a game against a SEC team and the 2nd consecutive week on a cross-country road trip. (15:05)
  • The different reasons for why BYU is 1-6 and why ECU is 1-6. (15:50)
  • Can BYU survive a game that might be a “shoot-out?” (17:15)
  • Tosh’s incredible analogy — the “jobber” vs “jobber” matchup. (20:20)
  • Ten for Tosh! (22:00)
  • Tosh’s game and score predictions (31:15)
  • Keith’s game and score predictions (33:25)


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