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BYU’s Cougarettes and Cosmo set the field on fire with their dance routine, and twitter couldn’t contain itself

At least we can always count on Cosmo and the Cougarettes to deliver

Wisconsin v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

BYU football hasn’t given much reason for fans to celebrate this year, but the Cougarettes and Cosmo gave us another LIT dance performance. Here’s the performance during Saturday’s BYU-Boise State game:

As twitter always does when BYU does something cool, people started to freak out that BYU was capable of such a fire performance. Here is a sampling of some of the reactions:

In case you forgot, Cosmo and the Cougarettes did something similar during last year’s Toledo game.

Even if the football team is bad, at least we can always count on having one of the best dance teams and mascots in the country.