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BYU Basketball Player or CPA?

How well do you know the BYU basketball team?

Loyola Marymount v Brigham Young Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Let us invoke the great Lee Cummard who would grace the video board at the Marriott Center to say these four magical words.

“Cougar fans. It’s time.”

That’s right, the round ball season is upon us and it couldn’t come at a better time. Instead of watching the football team set new records for offensive ineptitude, we get to see what a young basketball squad can accomplish with a new (but familiar) face in assistant coach Heath Schoyer and the return of sharpshooter Zac Seljaas.

There are a few other new faces on the roster this season and instead of giving them a more formal introduction, we decided to have a little fun and play the classic game of “BYU Basketball Player or CPA”.

You see, while the basketball roster is complete of skillful ballers that can fill up the stat sheet, there are also quite a few of them that could also be confused for the guys who fill out our tax sheets. The season officially gets underway tomorrow night as the Cougars play host to Mississippi Valley State, so there is no better time to know the difference between your estate planner and BYU’s power forward.


The game is quite simple. Take a quick look at the photos below, numbered 1-12, and make a note somewhere if you think this person plays basketball for BYU or spends his days auditing. Then take look even further below at the answers to see if you’re right!

Good luck!


#1 - This one is probably a little too easy because 1) this guy was just named one of BYU’s captains and 2) there isn’t a CPA on planet earth who can rock a bow tie quite like this guy. This here is Luke Worthington and he is definitely a BYU Basketball player.

#2 - You probably thought for a second that Matt Savela was a walk-on that just returned home from his mission in Eastern Pennsylvania but he’s actually an accountant. The senior accountant from Birmingham, Alabama loves his Auburn Tigers and probably would enjoy BYU hoops if he gave it a chance.

#3 - If you got this right you really know your stuff. For all we know this one might not be fair because while Evan Troy is a sophomore guard on the BYU Basketball team there is a extremely high likelihood that he is also majoring in accounting.

#4 - There isn’t a doubt in my mind that at some point in his lifetime that James Moody went 7-9 from beyond the arc but he will not be doing it at BYU this year because he is a partner at an accounting firm. Let’s just pray that he doesn’t find his way onto Loyola Marymount’s roster because he’ll definitely drop 28 on us.

#5 - The dedicated BYU fans will recognize this mustachioed man as the bench’s top cheerleader from the 2016-17 season. He might not get a ton of minutes on the BYU Basketball team this year but I’d probably let him audit my small business.

#6 - It might be difficult to figure out if this guy is a BYU Basketball player or an accountant but if I give you the hint that his name is McKay Cannon, this becomes much easier. Not only is McKay Cannon the perfect name for a BYU Basketball player but he was probably an AP on his mission, got all 128 merit badges by the age of 13 and still thinks “crap” is a swear word.

#7 - Ryan McNulty is a dead-ringer for about half of the male population at BYU but he is not among them as he works as an accountant at Feddersen & Company, LLP in Orange County, California.

#8 - No, this is not a trick question. This is not famed R&B singer The Weekend nor is it a super-fly corporate finance accountant. It’s BYU Basketball’s junior guard Elijah Bryant.

#9 - This haircut and dad-smile from Braiden Shaw is peak CPA but strangely enough he is a post player for the BYU Basketball team. There is a good chance that he could become an accountant but unless his GPA is much higher than his PPG (1.4) then maybe he should major in communications like I did.

#10 - Dalton Nixon is not a crook but he definitely should be a nice addition for the BYU Basketball team after returning from his mission. Just like Braiden Shaw, he is doing his best to pass as an accountant simply based on his haircut. The conservative tie choice would also look great on a management consultant, but for now he’ll be managing the low block on defense.

#11 - It’s pretty clear that Jason isn’t a BYU Basketball player because he’s sporting some facial hair that is forbidden by the Honor Code. If you didn’t get this one right you need to evaluate your dedication to the team because this guy is clearly an accountant.

#12 - Bryan Meyer is not listed as a member of the BYU Basketball team, but the more I look at his picture, the more I believe that he’s meant to be part of the squad.


How did you score? Let us know in the comments section!