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New BYU Offensive Coordinator Jeff Grimes talks his move to BYU, offensive philosophy and more in Q&A

Learn about Jeff Grimes in a interview he had with Ross Dellenger of The Advocate

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With BYU officially announcing Thursday that LSU offensive line coach Jeff Grimes has been named BYU’s offensive coordinator, Grimes has opened up as to why he will move to Provo.

Ross Dellenger of The Advocate published a Q&A Friday morning with Grimes. Here are some of the highlights from the Q&A.

  • Offensive Philosophy. Grimes says that BYU “will definitely run the football,” which isn’t surprising considering his background. In addition to being LSU’s offensive line coach, Grimes has also been LSU’s running game coordinator.

While running the ball will certainly be a priority, that isn’t to say BYU will be a pro-style offense that will try to pound a defense all game. In regards to the system he plans on running, Grimes said the following: “We’ll have balance in run and pass in all situations regardless of what personnel is on the field, whether we huddled or didn’t huddle or whether we’re under center or in the (shotgun). I see us being a blend of all those things.”

Grimes has experience in a variety of systems, so he will likely take bits and pieces in what he has learned over the years.

  • Path to BYU. Grimes said he and Kalani first started talking “about a week ago or something like that.” Grimes coached at BYU from 2004-2006, so many former players worked behind the scenes to make sure Grimes was a top candidate. After talking to Kalani, Holmoe, and former players, Grimes decided he was ready to make the jump to offensive coordinator. LSU made an offer to increase his $550k/year salary, but Grimes felt that the time was right to be an OC.

You can read the rest of the Q&A with Coach Grimes here.