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Could we see a BYU-Utah basketball matchup... In the NIT?

A Holy War Matchup in the NIT is suddenly becoming a realer possibility

BYU v Utah Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Don’t get too excited, but a BYU-Utah matchup is already being projected in the NIT. According to a site that does NIT bracketology (yes, that’s a thing) BYU and Utah are projected to meet in a 3-6 matchup in Salt Lake.

We know BYU has had a less than ideal year in basketball, and Utah has been experiencing a similar down year for its basketball program. After a loss to 4-win Oregon State Sunday night, the NIT is looking like a likely postseason destination for the Utes as well.

BYU is on the NIT bubble right now, frankly, and would be well served to beat Portland Thursday night to avoid an NIT miss.

Being that ESPN carries the NIT, a BYU-Utah matchup would be intriguing for a ratings-starved network. One of the most heated western rivalries would likely be one of the most viewed NIT games. Granted, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to beat the ratings for a typical NIT game.

While this season has been a disappointment for most BYU fans, a Holy War matchup would bring intrigue, and potentially somewhat salvage, a down year for BYU hoops. Of course, an added layer to the game would be that Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak cancelled this season’s game in Provo to take a “cooling-off period.”

BYU and Utah are scheduled to renew their rivalry next season in Provo.