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Cougs on Cougs: WCC All-Conference Awards and a look at BYU Basketball’s NIT opponent

Who across the WCC has the best hair? Best names? Who looks most like they could be on an LDS mission right now? Jess and Mary hand out their annual all-conference awards, do a Know the Foe and have a loaded Talk of the Town.

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Episode 60 of Cougars on Cougars is filled to the brim with Cougar Sports news and entertainment. There’s an NIT bid to discuss and a few things emerging from Spring Ball. But before all that it’s time to dole out the Cougs on Cougs WCC All-Conference Awards!

It’s the second year running for these [not very] prestigious awards. Jess and Mary have determined who across the conference has the best names, best hair, best accents and more. Which WCC players could double as football players (if the WCC had football, of course)? Which players look like they could currently be serving an LDS mission (h/t @boneyfuller for the Honorary Missionary idea)? Browse the gallery below and tune in to the episode to see who won what. Comment anyone else you think could be on these teams, or what categories you would have made. And we did promise links to a few of those accents... Find those at the bottom of the article.

After the awards it’s time to get to “Know the Foe.” BYU earned a 3-seed in the NIT and will face 6-seeded UT Arlington on Wednesday in Provo. So who the heck is UT Arlington? You may know already that they are one of two teams that managed to beat Saint Mary’s this year. But that was way back in December and it was their last RPI top 100 game. What else is there to know? Jess and Mary have you covered with their mascot, colors, location, info. about some of their best players, their coach and more. Get to know a bit about the Sun Belt regular season champs ahead of Wednesday’s game. It’s at 9 p.m. MDT in the Marriott Center. Buy tickets at or catch it on ESPN2 if you’re not able to attend. Check out the NIT bracket here.

Finally, it’s time for a loaded Talk of the Town. Lots happening around the BYU social mediasphere with Spring Ball and March Madness. Jess and Mary begin with football. Danny Sorensen scored an extension with the Chiefs, Taysom Hill is in fact working to play in the NFL plus much more.

On the basketball side of things, there’s a priceless photo of the hoops squad dressed as superheroes as they ran to support the fight against cancer in the Rex Lee Run. Gonzaga has a charge for BYU fans, there are some brand new rules to familiarize yourself with before the NIT games and more.

As promised, here is the link if you’re interested in listening to Jess and Mary on ESPN960 last week. Look for the March 8 episode, hours one two and three.

Hear Killian Tillie’s French accent.

Hear Emmanuel Ndumanya’s Nigerian accent.

Hear Jock Landale’s Australian accent.

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