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Cougs on Cougs: Rapid Fire Questions with BYU Football in Sunny St. George

Jess and Mary sent Mary’s parents as correspondents to practice in St. George to do some hard-hitting reporting.

Fred Warner entering an open spring practice at Dixie High School in St. George, Utah.
Jeff Tuscano

If you haven’t heard, BYU Football headed down south to St. George, Utah for an open practice and FanFest Friday (nearly 5,000 fans were in attendance). It was a fun and loose way to end the third week of spring ball, and Jess and Mary used the relaxed atmosphere with the team and coaches to have some fun.

Mary’s parents Jeff and Usha Tuscano are die-hard BYU fans who live in St. George, so the girls gave them the charge to head to practice at Dixie High School and ask some extremely important questions to the guys.

Who has the best hair (you had to know this would be asked)? If you were stranded on a desert island, which teammate would you want with you? If TD dances were allowed, what would yours look like? Questions include but are not limited to these, and you don’t wanna miss the answers in the video above.

Get a full recap of week three of spring ball for BYU Football (that actually involves talk of football) here.

Look for an new episode of Cougars on Cougars Tuesday!

Huge shout out to Jeff and Usha for their expert reporting.

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