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Offseason Cougs on Cougs: The Batman of BYU Football + other Cougar superheroes

Jess and Mary are back from Spring Break and are on to exciting offseason matters, like which members of the BYU Football and Basketball teams would make up The Justice League and Avengers.

We dub Eric Mika our Captain America in this week’s Cougs and Culture segment.

Jess and Mary are back from Spring Break and back at it with episode 63 of Cougars on Cougars. Unfortunately, the offseason is now in full swing for both BYU Hoops and BYU Football -- but that does mean even fuller than normal Talk of the Towns. With their sports out of season, it’s fun to see what the athletes are up to, and they are up to plenty!

This week’s Talk of the Town includes a backyard turned into Lavell Edwards Stadium, Mitch Matthews signing with an NFL team, potential BYU Football captains, Y Awards fashion faux pas, and much more.

On the basketball side of things, it sounds like Corbin Kaufusi won’t be returning to next season’s hoops squad. Plus, Jess and Mary check out the team’s Y Awards look, discuss one athlete who has grown a beard, and another that got taken care of by teammates (and teammates wives) after a pre-mission dental procedure. What did you see around the Cougar social mediasphere this week?

Then, it’s time for a Cougs and Culture segment. Which BYU athletes would make up the Cougar versions of The Justice League and The Avengers? The BYU Basketball team dressed as superheroes for the Rex Lee Run a few weeks back, but Jess and Mary think they got that characterization all wrong, and chime in with their takes.

Mary made up a Justice Squad full of BYU Football members. Jess compiled a BYU version of The Avengers made up of BYU Hoopsters — with Tom Holmoe as the Nick Fury of the whole operation. Check out the episode to see who we named as who. A couple of teases? Butch Pau’u as your Martian Manhunter, Jamaal Williams as Aquaman, and TJ Haws as Black Widow.

We named Butch Pau’u as Martian Manhunter. He will find you.

Please send us your superhero input! Who would have been your Batman or Captain America? Which selections did you agree or disagree with? Who would you name as the Marvel or DC villains? Lex Luthor? Loki? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet at us!

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