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Offseason Cougs on Cougs: Who will take over for BYU Basketball’s Terry Nashif?

Vanquish the Foe’s Robby McCombs is on with Jess and Mary to talk offseason moves for both BYU Football and Hoops. Who’s on the short list to replace Terry Nashif?

NCAA Basketball: Portland at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It’s week 64 of Cougars on Cougars. Jess and Mary start things out with a guest via Skype — Robby McCombs! You may recognize his name from all over this website. Be sure to scan the homepage. He’s written some great stuff lately. Robby is the managing editor for Vanquish the Foe, keeping it fresh, up-to-date, and informative. He’s on Cougs on Cougs to talk mainly about the new vacancy on BYU Basketball’s coaching staff. Terry Nashif announced that he is leaving the program to “pursue business opportunities.” Noah Hartsock is a potential candidate, says Robby, along with a few others. Tune in to see who might be added to the coaching staff, hear the one Robby thinks got away, and more. Which names do you think are being tossed around? When do you think we’ll have a new hire?

Robby also discusses the upcoming NFL Draft with Jess and Mary. They all agree that at least a couple of Cougars’ names will be called on Draft Day and that a few may go unsigned. Will Taysom get a shot? When will Jamaal Williams hear his name? Tune in for the discussion and leave your takes in the comments.

Next, it’s time for Talk of the Town. Jess and Mary revisit the BYU Basketball Banquet that was held this past week. Terry Nashif isn’t the only one leaving the program. Which players are on their way out? Plus, a couple of the players put their talents on display at the banquet. Seriously, what can’t Davin Guinn do?

On the football side of things, Tanner Mangum drops some gospel truth about Easter Candy, and Jess and Mary pay tribute to Lisa Matthews (Mitch’s mom), who passed away last week after battling cancer. Hear about some of the great contributions Lisa made to the BYU Football family. She will be missed. Read Dick Harmon’s touching tribute, here.

Finally, due to some requests, and a somewhat slow week, Jess and Mary branch out from their usual subjects of men’s basketball and football to provide some updates on a few other sports that are in season (don’t get too used to it)! Tune in to hear about their records, upcoming games, some standout players, and more for rugby, softball, baseball and volleyball. There are some seriously good Cougar teams playing right now! Be sure to support all of them.

We did say “see you next week,” on the show but Jess will be out on vacation so look for a new episode of Cougars on Cougars in two weeks instead.

Don’t forget to check out the voicemail from LaVell Edwards that Kalani shared at the State of Sport Awards (one of this week’s “sponsors”). Coach Edwards received the Legends Award.

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