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Update: BYU Football’s Mo Langi is still enormous, and he’s coming back to the states

Mo Langi is ready to suit up for the BYU Football team

Mo Langi made national headlines and set twitter into a frenzy when he signed with BYU almost 2 years, and now he is on his way to Provo.

A Mo Langi parody account tweeted a picture in which Langi was tagged on Facebook:

First off, shoutout out to the MTC-issued exercise band that Langi is sporting in the pictures. To be honest, it’s surprising that he didn’t break it while in the MTC.

And yeah, Langi is still HUGE. He was listed at 6’7” 410 lbs when he signed with BYU back in 2015, and he’s not looking very slim now. Looks like the LDS members in Arizona did a good job feeding him.

Coach Kalani Sitake mentioned in Spring Ball that Langi would be enrolled at BYU starting spring term.

It remains to be seen how much Langi will actually play, if at all, during his time at BYU. He likely had companions and members that taught him about the basics of football while on his mission, but he has never played in his life. Defensive tackle seems like the likeliest position for him, as he could use his sheer size to push guys around. Offensive line would require a little more technique for him.

A redshirt year seems likely for him in 2017 as he learns the basics of football. Many may point to Ziggy Ansah as a comparison, but Ziggy is also a world-class athlete who put up ridiculous numbers at the NFL combine.

Although Langi may not contribute much during his time at BYU, BYU will at least have the biggest guy on the sideline in case the team finds itself in another brawl.