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Utah fans celebrate huge NFL Draft weekend by reminding everyone how little they care about BYU

Ute Nation makes it clear that the rivalry is dead

UCLA v Utah Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

This past weekend the University of Utah had an impressive eight players drafted into the NFL, a school record. Combine that with being in a P-5 conference and the dominance of in-state rivals for the greater portion of the last decade, and a reasonable person would expect that NONE of the chatter would be regarding BYU.

I mean, it’s only daily on social media and in the workplace that Utah fans remind BYU fans how little they care about them and how they don’t even think about them. We all understand that they all just, “WANT THE RIVALRY TO DIE” and to never play again.


Please, Ute Nation, tell us more about how little you care about BYU.

Have to interrupt and just say, great point from 311ute here considering there are almost zero white quarterbacks in the NFL.

OOOOH MightyAlaskanUte from the top rope on that one!

Not sure how we recover from the M&M burn. Btw, clever name.

The rivalry even got political this weekend.

With all due respect, UteGorilla, it appears BYU is quite relevant.

Give credit where credit is due, the Utes had a great weekend. It’s good to know that the gap between Utah and BYU is obvious and their fan base is confident enough to not have to discuss it further.

P.S. only non-troll accounts and non-vulgar tweets made the cut. Also, was too lazy to copy and paste a bunch of Facebook or article comments.