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Cougs on Cougs: A look back at BYU Football in the NFL Draft

Jess and Mary take a look back at BYU in the NFL Draft with NFL Agent Aaron Gordon.

NCAA Football: Poinsettia Bowl-Brigham Young vs Wyoming Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cougs on Cougs is back after a week off with episode 65 — and there’s a lot to talk about. The NFL Draft was last weekend and BYU Football fans saw Jamaal Williams get picked by the Green Bay Packers in the fourth round. Also headed to Green Bay? Taysom Hill, as a free agent. And there’s quite a bit more where that came from. Jess and Mary are joined by former BYU player and current NFL agent, Aaron Gordon of USO Sports to dissect the draft even further — and to find out how the whole experience goes for him. Being an NFL agent is definitely not your typical job and Aaron shares plenty of interesting nuggets about that, as well as addressing who of the Cougars’ free agents might see the most success in the league.

Next, it’s time to say goodbye to some BYU hoopsters -- an inevitable (and sad) part of each offseason. Coach Dave Rose announced in a press conference last week that Davin Guinn, Steven Beo and Jamal Aytes are leaving the program. And Corbin Kaufusi will focus on football, by the way. Jamal and Steven will transfer, and Davin will pursue law school. Jess and Mary turn this into a ‘3 things’ segment, and share something they will miss about each player leaving the program. What will you miss about these guys? And maybe on a happier note, which new face are you looking forward to seeing?

We will miss our Troy Bolton look-alike!

Finally, it’s time for Talk of the Town! There’s some more draft stuff to share, believe it or not -- BYU’s on its way to a takeover of the NFC North. Kyle Van Noy posted an epic picture from the Patriot’s trip to the White House, Harvey Langi as a prom bouncer, plus much more. Like Reno Mahe sneaking into a certain BYU fan’s car at the Las Vegas FanFest. And Boney Fuller going on a hilarious rampage of BYU Football name puns. Okay, okay, you have to watch the episode to see what else is going on across the BYU social mediasphere! See you next week.

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