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Offseason Cougs on Cougs: BYU Power Couple Power Rankings

Many marriages have come from BYU student-athlete relationships. Jess and Mary rank their top five power couples!

NCAA Basketball: NIT-Semifinals-Valparaiso vs BYU
Kyle Collinsworth, likely cheering because he and his wife Shea placed so highly on Cougs on Cougs’ Power Couple Power Rankings.
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It’s May 23, meaning the long, dreary off-season drags on. But don’t you worry, Jess and Mary are here with another episode of Cougs on Cougs, this time discussing one of their favorite topics: power couples!

Over the last few years especially, there has been a flurry of BYU student-athlete marriages. From Jimmer and Whitney to Kyle and Shea to Butch and Kalani, some of the best BYU athletes in their sports have found each other and fallen in love. Awww! As fans, it’s fun to see these relationships develop off the playing field while we watch them compete on the field. In a bit of off-season fun, Jess and Mary decided to rank their five favorite power couples! Who would be in yours?

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Jess and Mary also give you several honorable mention candidates in addition to the rankings, including Jonny and Marissa, Mitch and Madie, and Tyler and Summer. Although we mainly focus on BYU football and basketball, there are several other couples that cross other BYU sports. A couple of years ago, the Deseret News compiled a pretty comprehensive list that you can read about here!

Then, it’s time for Talk of the Town. Jess and Mary start out with two BYU legends in the same photo: Jimmer Fredette and Steve Young. Then the ladies touch on some NBA team workouts Eric Mika has participated in, let you know where Jamal Aytes will transfer and more.

At ASU speaking today with Steve Young! Huge fan of his! An amazing guy and did a great job speaking! #lds

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The football section of Talk of the Town touches on a couple of Jess and Mary’s favorite things from the Davis County FanFest. Did you attend? And the real question: who has the bigger crush on Zac Seljaas? Mary, or Mylee? Plus, BYU snagged a 3-star QB recruit. Jess and Mary share a little bit of info. on Zadock Dinklemann (Ty Detmer’s nephew)!

Look for a new episode of Cougs on Cougs Wednesday next week — a day’s delay due to Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy yours!

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