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BYU basketball: 5 times we loved Cougar baller Elijah Bryant’s new vlogging venture

Elijah Bryant has taken up vlogging and there’s a lot to love about it. Mary shares some of her favorite moments so far.

Brigham Young v Saint Mary's Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

BYU Basketball’s Elijah Bryant has taken up a new hobby that benefits all of Cougar Nation: vlogging. The 6’5’’ guard says his family inspired him to take up video blogging. He’s been at home with them in Georgia for the past couple weeks. His first entry came out May 13, featuring his mom Israel and one of his adorable little brothers, Kai, at his school’s field day (looks like athleticism runs in the family).

Elijah has since put out two more vlogs on his YouTube channel, EB&J. The most recent edition came Monday evening, taking the viewer through Elijah’s pilates class with him. You can also check out Elijah’s marriage proposal, to his soon-to-be wife Jenelle Fraga there. And if you’re jonesin’ for more wedding info, including the story of their meeting, you can get that (and much more) on their wedding website.

Anyway, back to the vlog — it’s definitely worth checking out. I figured a fun way to introduce it would be to share some of my personal favorite moments from the first three offerings. For what it’s worth, the second one has been my favorite for sure (and my Cougs on Cougs co-host Jess’s). We were laughing out loud. There have been a lot of really great moments throughout the three existing videos, but I managed to narrow it down to five of my favorites:

Honorable mention: His cute FaceTime session with his fiance Jenelle (in the second installment). They are just the cutest couple. (I cannot wait for wedding photos.)

5. All the cute montages Elijah puts together of himself either preparing a meal, getting ready for the day, or whatever else. The music is on-point and it’s fun to see him do daily tasks like brushing his teeth and saying his prayers. Or frying eggs. (This one is across all installments.)

4. When his mom Israel explained to some Starbucks employees why Elijah was filming (in his first vlog). “He’s home from college, so he’s making fun of me.” Israel is gorgeous and hilarious and she and Elijah have an adorable relationship. Can I have a subset of this favorite moment? When Elijah was badgering his mom about their house showing, featured in the second vlog, saying, “What’s the task?” And really any time Elijah is badgering his mom. It’s pretty funny.

3. When he shouted out to teammate Yoeli Childs for a grooming tip (second vlog). And to LJ. “Yoeli taught me this,” he says while brushing his hair.

“Makes the haircut last longer. But I taught Yoeli about the beard game,” then he amends, “Well, really LJ did.” These nuggets about the team are priceless. Elijah says his wife will help out with some of the vlogging once basketball season is upon us. So hopefully there is more of this type of thing in store.

2. When he zoomed in on his “snaggletooth” in pictures of his younger self, then proceeded to thank the Lord for braces. (Second vlog.) #relatable

And finally, number 1, from vlog no. 2:

When his little brother Choe explained to him what vlogging is, after Elijah had been badgering him: “Elijah, you know what vlogging is? It’s videoing yourself throughout the day. Not everybody else.” We love to see the teasing Elijah dishes out given back to him, but we also hope he doesn’t stop filming those around him... That’s some good stuff. Sorry Choe.

Here’s the second vlog, for your viewing pleasure:

Elijah does a great job putting these together. I imagine it will be just as much fun after he gets back out to Provo. Be sure to like his videos and subscribe to his channel. I know I’m not alone in looking forward to seeing one of my favorites back out on the court this season. Feel free to leave any of your favorite vlog moments in the comments!