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Experience the BYU baseball championship dogpile with point of view video

Lots of screaming. Lots of bodies. Lots of smiles.

BYU Photo/Mark Philbrick

On Saturday night, BYU baseball won the WCC tournament championship in Stockton, California. The Bat Cats did so by rallying to 4 elimination game victories in two days. It was an improbable, dramatic, and clutch run to the league title that was done with literally every player doing their job extremely well.

After the final out, the Cougars did the traditional dogpile celebration just in front of the mound at Banner Island Ballpark. It was the emotional release after a hard-fought emotional weekend. Ever wonder what it would be like to be in that mass of humanity?

Here’s the closest thing outside of actually being in the dogpile, via junior pitcher Maverik Buffo’s GoPro footage.

The Cougar dogpile was their first of the season. They shared the regular season title with Gonzaga and Loyola Marymount. Both Gonzaga and LMU dogpiled following their last regular season game. Or as BYU Head Coach Mike Littlewood put it:

Last night, former Cougar ace Michael Rucker — who transferred to BYU from Gonzaga — put out an all-time troll tweet at his former school.

The Cougars will find out their fate in Regionals on Monday morning at 10:00 MST during the college baseball selection show on ESPN2.