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Cougs on Cougs: Why the Offseason isn’t All Bad

Jake Welch joins the show for some dead dead-season fun! What three things is he most looking forward to discussing this offseason?

NCAA Football: Poinsettia Bowl-Brigham Young vs Wyoming
Now that Jamaal Williams has graduated, who will be Tanner Mangum’s right-hand man?
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This week on Cougs on Cougs, our favorite Dead-Season Series author and one of the best BYU fans around, Jake Welch, joins us for some offseason fun! We start out by exploring the meaning behind Tanner Mangum’s latest (#CougsAndHam) tweet:

With no context, there were plenty of options for its meaning. Is it a call to arms for a wide receiver or running back? Is he looking for a wing-man off the field? Does he just really like the Broadway musical Hamilton (let’s be real, who doesn’t)? We get Jake’s take on these very important (important in the offseason, at least) questions.

Next we dive into a ‘3 Things’ segment, in which Jake tells us the three things he’s most looking forward to discussing and writing about this offseason. It isn’t all bad! We touch on facility upgrades, apparel sponsorships, and the future of the BYU football and basketball programs (including the annoying but somehow always relevant conference realignment talk). Oh, and we talk about Lavar Ball and Kourtney Kardashian. You’ll have to watch to see how those guys could possibly tie in.

If you missed Jake’s piece about where he thinks the BYU Football program will be in five years, you can read it here. And if you haven’t read one of Jake’s dead-season articles before, we recommend this one to start! Remember, these are all in good fun and are not meant to be taken seriously. We appreciate Jake hopping on with us to give us a sneak peak at some of his potential upcoming articles. Don’t send him angry messages! Or do. Whatever.

In Talk of the Town this week, the final piece of the 2017-18 BYU Basketball puzzle is home from his mission! Luke Worthington (or is it “Sir” Luke Worthington?) returned on May 23 from the Santiago East Chile mission. We’ve missed Luke’s goofiness off the court and his skills on the court, and we’re happy to have him home!

Members of the BYU Football team are in California this week ahead of the Corona FanFest on Saturday. As part of Coach Sitake’s More2Life foundation, the players had the opportunity to prepare dinner a the homeless shelter in Los Angeles. We love to see these men serving together off the field and are excited to see how this time spent together will translate to the gridiron.

Coming up, BYU Track and Field heads to Oregon for the NCAA finals, and BYU Baseball will be competing as a 3-seed in the NCAA Tournament in the Stanford Regional! And if you’re a BYU fan in southern California, make sure to head to Santana Regional Park in Corona for the FanFest this Saturday from noon to 3 p.m.! And if you see Tanner, ask him about his Hamilton tweet for us.

We’ll be off on vacation next week, but we’ll be back with a new episode on June 13!

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