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BYU Basketball: Eric Mika to begin workouts in NBA Draft Combine

Eric Mika set to begin NBA Draft Combine process

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Eric Mika’s NBA future will be a lot clearer one week from. The NBA Draft Combine starts tomorrow (May 9) and will run until May 14 in Chicago, Illinois. Mika is one of 67 players that will participate in the NBA Draft Combine.

Mika has yet to hire an agent, and has until May 24 to withdraw from the NBA draft and return to BYU, if he so chooses.

Mika will have the opportunity to participate in drills, athletic testing, interviews, and 5-on-5 play during the week. ESPN2 will have Draft Combine coverage Thursday and Friday (May 11 and 12).

This week is crucial for Mika if he wants to work his way up NBA draft boards. Draft Express has Eric Mika as this year’s 75th-ranked prospect, while ESPN has Mika ranked at number 51. The 2-round NBA draft has 60 total picks.

If the NBA does not work out for Mika, some have speculated that he could head over to Europe. Mika himself stated back in April that Europe is a possibility, and he and his wife were both LDS missionaries in Italy. One of Mika’s former BYU teammates, Matt Carlino, played in one of Italy’s professional leagues this past season.

The D-League may also be an intriguing option for Mika. Starting next season, the NBA will introduce 2-way contracts; essentially, NBA teams will be able to have 2 extra roster spots for players to bounce between the D-League and NBA. These players’ salaries will be $75,000. While not life-changing money, the chance to develop under NBA tutelage and a livable salary may be enough for Mika to take a chance on the NBA.

BYU coaches don’t have much of a track record for developing NBA players, so Mika may view leaving for the NBA now as his best option, especially considering the fact that he is already the same age as departed college seniors.

Best of luck to Eric at this week’s combine!