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We are Family: BYU Football offers Choe Bryant, Elijah Bryant’s little brother

Choe Bryant’s first offer came from BYU Football this week and the Bryant family’s reaction is heartwarming.

NCAA Basketball: Brigham Young at Gonzaga James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

From the Kaufusis, to the Jacobsons, to the Warners, and much more, BYU has seen some great brother pairings come through its athletic programs — and it may be seeing one more (in a few years). Wednesday, BYU Football extended an offer to Choe Bryant, brother of BYU Basketball Guard Elijah Bryant.

The Bryants live in Gwinnett, Georgia where Choe plays linebacker at Greater Atlanta Christian School. He’ll graduate with the class of 2020, but already comes in at 6’3’’, 230 lbs. BYU is his first offer (which we can hope will carry some weight later in the game).

Choe broke the news on his Twitter, and big brother Elijah helped get word out to the masses through his new vlog. In the vlog, Elijah admits to being “super hard” on his brother, but then goes on to say on how proud he is of Choe, and how hard he has worked. The vlog also shows Choe calling his coach to break the news, and Elijah and Choe’s mom, Israel, reacting. She pats herself on the back, saying she did a good job and I have to agree — that’s two out of three of her sons looking at collegiate scholarships so far!

Congrats to Choe and the Bryants! I know I speak for everyone when I say we’d love to see another Bryant in BYU blue, should Choe choose to accept the Cougars’ offer. And here’s hoping little Kai makes it a perfect three out of three in a few more years, in whichever sport it may be.