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BYU Football: Stories and updates from Day 1 of Fall Camp

BYU Football is back in action and there is a lot to cover

Southern Utah v BYU

Thursday was a key milestone for those of us counting down the seconds until BYU’s first game against Portland State. Even thought we’re still a few weeks out, today marked the first day of fall camp, which means players are laced up and fully equipped for football activities.

Here is a massive recap of everything that came out of fall camp on Day 1:

Media Session with Kalani Sitake and Ty Detmer

After practice both Kalani and Ty fielded questions from the media about the first day of camp and some general updates on the team. No major pieces of news here and a lot of coach speak (“taking it one game at a time”) but it’s always good to hear directly from the coaches. Of course there are no shortage of questions about QB1 Tanner Mangum.

Austin Kafentzis taking reps at quarterback

One of the most prolific quarterbacks in Utah high school football history will get his shot under center this fall. Kafentzis has had a wild ride since he first committed to play for Gary Andersen at Wisconsin and now he has an opportunity to show the coaching staff what he’s made of. In interview with both Detmer and Sitake, they mentioned how impressed they were with Austin’s athleticism. Detmer specifically mentioned how they might have him play another position to have his talent on the field and they might explore special packages where they would “utilize him best to his ability.” Check out the clip below of Kafentzis completing a nice pass over the middle to Micah Simon.

Sione Takitaki is back in action

After a year away from the program, Sione Takitaki returned to the team and is ready to be a dominant force on the defensive line. He spoke to the media about his long journey back and thanked all of those who helped him along the way. The last time Takitaki was on the field he was an outside linebacker in a 3-4 system so there will be some adjustments to his new role as a defensive end. He would be well served to watch some game film of former linebacker-turned-defensive end Sae Tautu. Last season Tautu made the transition and became a impact player on BYU’s defensive front in the second half of the season. Here is a clip of him bringing the fire on Day 1.

Lorenzo Fauatea is large and in charge

The talented defensive lineman out of Hunter High School apparently showed up to camp 30 lbs heavier that his previous listed weight of 265 lbs. He might be a freshman but based on these reports it seems like he doesn’t look like a freshman. If he can stay light on his feet with the added weight, don’t be surprised if he makes an impact on defense this year.

BYU Football Video releases “Welcome to the Family” teaser

The BYU community is quite fortunate to have a talent video team on the sidelines documenting every part of the season. The get fans fired up for camp they release their season teaser “Welcome to the Family” featuring Macklemore’s new single Glorious. It’s a fantastic video that is guaranteed to get you fired up for football. There were a lot fun tidbits that we picked up on, listed out below with matching time codes.

  • 0:06 - Matching the “I’m back, like I never left” lyrics with a clip of Sione Takitaki? That’s some good content right there.
  • 0:32 - In Kalani’s interview he mentions a new sand pit that was installed to help with conditioning. Here we get a good view of the pit with Fred Warner doing his thing.
  • 1:00 - Give us all the sweet Tanner Mangum throwing footage please and thank you.
  • 1:17 - SWEET MERCY IT’S MOUNT MO LANGI. The slow reveal of him walking on the field is deserving of some kind of award.
  • 1:33 - Ed Lamb is one handsome guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets an offer to take over a G5 program in the near future, based on his looks and valuable coaching ability.
  • 2:14 - MORE MO! This time we get to see him in action, getting out of a three-point stance. What he lacks balance he makes up for it in largeness.
  • 2:53 - Seeing the Big 3 of Butch Pau’u, Francis Bernard and Fred Warner makes me so very happy and also terrified for opposing offenses. Those are some baaaaad men right there.
  • 2:59 - MO DOES SPECIAL TEAMS! It looks like Mo is getting his shot on the extra point unit doing what he probably does best. Taking up a heck of a lot of space.
  • 3:05 - This is the third time we’ve seen Kafentzis in this video and this time he’s running the zone read. Based on what the coaches said, they might have some special plays just for him because clearly he’s a talented dude.
  • 3:15 - There will never be enough Mo Langi footage.
  • 3:18 - We finish it off with a perfect pass from Tanner Mangum to Micah Simon. Let’s hope that’s the first of many we see this fall.

BONUS: Jamaal Williams is still dancing

When he wasn’t setting rushing records, Jamaal Williams was most likely dancing. Apparently this hasn’t changed as someone snapped some video of Jamaal busting a move during training camp in Green Bay. Never change, J-Swag.