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BYU to sell Lavell Edwards themed merchandise

Tom Holmoe announces rollout to begin in August

LaVell Edwards

2 weeks after announcing that the BYU Football team will honor Lavell Edwards with a uniform patch in 2017, Athletic Director Tom Holmoe announced that BYU will sell Lavell Edwards themed merchandise beginning in August. Holmoe made the announcement via his twitter account Thursday afternoon.

A portion of the proceeds will also go to one of Lavell’s favorite charities, Boys & Girls Club of Utah County.

It is unclear exactly what the merchandise will look like, but fans may have got a sneak peek in the past couple weeks.

BYU student Russell Nam Pham put together a mockup with the jersey patch on a royal blue Nike hat and tweeted the following to Holmoe:

It appears that Russell’s tweet got Tom and other BYU decision makers thinking, as Holmoe later quote tweeted Russell’s tweet and hinted at a future announcement:

Tom Holmoe has always listened to fans, and this announcement is just another example of how well Holmoe listens to and acts on what fans want. Merchandise is sure to sell quick as BYU fans will honor one of the best and most influential coaches in college football history.