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BYU Football Fall Camp Day 5: Shumway, Hifo and Tuifua shine in first full pad practice

No post-practice interviews today but lots of sights and sounds.

Tanner Mangum takes a snap under center in fall camp.
BYU Photo / Jaren Wilkey /

No shortage of beautiful practice footage

There wasn’t an official media session after practice but the BYU Football video team did pump out a few videos for our enjoyment. In the recap video we got to see Talon Shumway make a few impressive catches (this seems to be a recurring theme) and Aleva Hifo made some nice grabs in traffic as well. It’s not realistic to be making definitive judgement based on these quick video hits but it’s nice to the receives making some nice plays.

The video team also released another “Welcome to the Family” video that is a little different than the typical practice rips, similar to the one posted above. These videos are highly stylized and feature a lot more aerial drone shots and full-field tracking footage along with the beautiful practice textures. These quality videos combined with premium music tracks are all but guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

This version of the video gives us a good look at what the first day of full pads looks like, and by that I mean we get to see a lot of dudes getting real physical and throwing their bodies around.

The video fun doesn’t stop there. The team also shared this clip of Langi Tuifua getting after it in a special teams drill that looks like it was meant to wear people out. Langi doesn’t give up and everyone loves his effort.

Did you want another video? Sure, here is freshman tight end Bentley Hanshaw with a great sideline grab.

OK FINE LAST ONE. Talon Shumway catching the football, making it look easy.

BYU sends out more scholarship offers to top recruits

There will be no shortage of local and LDS talent in the next couple of recruiting classes and that will be made manifest by the number of scholarship offers that will be sent out, starting with a wave that went out yesterday morning. One of the names in this batch includes Vai Kaho, brother of BYU commit Brandon Kaho.