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Mo Langi Update: Langi will play special teams in first season at BYU


One question many BYU fans had going into fall camp was, “Is Mo Langi going to play at all this season?” According to coaches, the answer to that is yes.

Special Teams coach Ed Lamb confirmed Monday morning in the weekly “Coordinators’ Corner” show that Mo Langi will indeed play this year, albeit on special teams. Lamb said that Langi has been practicing in both field goal block and field goal protection units, and has even “blocked a few kicks” during fall camp.

Defensive Coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki later said in the same show that Langi is still likely a year or two away from contributing along the defensive line as he learns the nuances of the game.

In the meantime, who’s excited for the 6’7”, 410 lbs Langi and the 6’9”, 285 lbs Corbin Kaufusi to block kicks this season? With that beef and height in the interior of the blocking unit, BYU may lead the country in blocked kicks for the next couple years.

Also, with Mo Langi playing in the field goal protection units, let us hope that he gets a chance to touch the ball on a fake field goal this season. (Hopefully with the game out of reach).

BYU fans will get their first taste of Mo Langi and the rest of the BYU football team this Saturday versus Portland State.