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CougarCast: BYU Football vs. Portland State

Rise and Shout! The Cougars are out!

NCAA Football: East Carolina at Brigham Young Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 BYU Cougars Football season is set to kickoff!

This week, CougarCast is hosted by Keith and his special guest, his father Dr. Steven Shirts.

Tune in to this week’s podcast discussing the atmosphere at LaVell Edwards Stadium, reasonable fan expectations for the opening game, getting the Cougars off to a fast start, fun family memories and kicking.

Plus, they play a round of BYU Football Trivia. This week’s question: 12 BYU Quarterbacks have started in a Bowl Game Victory. Name them.

Tosh Mackintosh, the usual co-host of CougarCast, wasn’t able to record this week as he was involved in an ATV accident. He’s okay and on the road to recovery, but could certainly use a few well wishes. Send him a tweet, it will make both of you feel better.