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BYU Football Fall Camp Day 7: Mo Langi gets a friendly welcome from the O-line

The running game gets some work in and Tanner shows off his accurate arm.

(Photo by BYU Photo/Jaren Wilkey/

Offensive lineman decide to dog pile on Mo Langi because the inverse of that would probably result in a few deaths

Based on early reports our dear friend Mo Langi looks to be progressing nicely in this his first week of football. To help welcome him into the fold, the offensive lineman decided to pile up on the big guy after he was taken to the ground during a drill. Offensive line coach Mike Empey posted this video to twitter in what looked like some good ole camp fun. Shenanigans aside, it’s good to see that Mo is 1) able to get into a three-point stance (something people mentioned he was struggling with) and 2) he does a semi-decent job firing off the ball.

An abundance of practice highlight videos

Since there was no media access to practice today, the only updates on camp came by way of our friends on the video staff. The first video below is the practice highlight video where we get to see the running backs getting their fair share of reps on the ground. Just because Jamaal Williams is gone doesn’t mean this offense will only be moving through the air. Speaking of the passing attack, it’s very clear in these videos why Tanner Mangum is QB1. If you watch all of these videos you start to notice how compact and fluid Tanner’s passing motion looks. The other quarterbacks are throwing fine passes but the amount of effort and movement it takes for them to drive the ball downfield pales in comparison to the mechanically sound Mangum. Also, Beau Tanner is dangerously fast and I hope we get to see more of him on the field this year.

This next video, of the “Welcome to the Family” variety, gives us more of the same but with The Score’s “Unstoppable” gracing the soundtrack. The one thing I notice here is how the coaches are slowly starting to introduce more contact with the players. It’s always friendly at first but in two weeks time things will start to get pretty chippy.

BONUS: Jamaal Williams moves up the Packers depth chart thanks to pass protection skills

There were a multitude of things that Jamaal Williams did extremely well in his time at BYU and one of the more underrated aspects of his game was his fantastic pass blocking. It’s wasn’t always glamorous but you could tell whenever Taysom had a few extra seconds to throw, it was in part thanks to Jamaal fully committing to his blocking duties.

It looks like this same skill is paying dividends for the the rookie running back in Green Bay. According to reports out of camp, Williams was getting reps with the first team offense in large part due to his pass protection. Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett praised Jamaal for both knowing his assignments and committing to them, something that other running backs are struggling with.