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BYU Football Fall Camp Day 9: Coaches recap Saturday’s scrimmage and Mo Langi shows us how arm tackling is actually good

After a closed Saturday scrimmage we got a peek into today’s practice sessions

(Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo/

Coach Sitake gives a recap of Saturday’s scrimmage

We didn’t hear from the coaches and players after Saturday’s scrimmage at LaVell Edwards Stadium so we got the recap from them today during the post-practice media session. Kalani talked about how the offense won the day, with solid performances from the offensive line, running back Kavika Fonua and wide receivers Beau Tanner and Talon Shumway. He went into detail discussing the physicality of the offensive line and how the coaching staff isn’t able to get a great feel for the depth chart at running back yet as they have a diverse group of players that can fill multiple roles. You can check out Kalani’s full remarks in the video below.

Tanner Jacobson talked about the depth of the safety group and how he enjoys competing with all the talented players in the defensive backfield. He also talked about how nice it was to up the intensity with the scrimmage on Saturday. Tanner also talked about what he learned from his brother, former Cougar WR McKay Jacobson.

Beau Hoge looks to be the front-runner for the backup QB spot

Even when the starting quarterback position is locked down, there is always intrigue when it comes to BYU and quarterbacks. This year the backup position is up for grabs with red shirt sophomores Koy Detmer Jr. and Beau Hoge leading the charge. So far it sounds like Hoge will be the most likely candidate for the position as Kalani praised him for his performance leading the second team unit on Saturday. It will be curious to see how Beau has adapted skill set within the new offense. In the limited action that we saw of Beau in his freshman season he had the same run first mentality as Taysom Hill. Hopefully a full year under Ty Detmer has served him well.

Mo Langi shows us the art of the form tackle

One of the things that Kalani mentioned in his post practice remarks was the progress of one Mo Langi. He said that while Mo is still learning the basics and is limited in his understanding, he’s making a lot of progress every day. We got a quick peek into what this progress looks like in the form of a video clip. In one of the full team scrimmage sessions running back Kavika Fonua takes the hand off from Tanner Mangum but then runs right into the outstretched arm of Mo Langi, which probably weights the same as a defensive back. It might not be great form tackling but it sure looked effective. Also, the offensive lineman that Mo beats isn’t some 3rd string scub. It’s Tejan Kormoa.

And now for your viewing pleasure, glorious practice footage with lots of beautiful passes and a very fine catch from Aleva Hifo