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Cougs on Cougs: Has BYU Football ever needed a bye week more?

Jess and Mary discuss the challenges ahead of the downtrodden BYU Football team and look forward to a much-needed bye week.

Wisconsin v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

For the second season in a row, BYU Football has a 1-3 record after four games. But this time around, it feels much different. The one win was against FCS Portland State, and the Cougars have been outscored 19-86 in the three losses, now including a 40-6 loss to no. 9 Wisconsin on Saturday at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

There’s no sugar coating it, it’s been a rough few weeks for BYU. To help us move on from the disappointment and into the bye week (and hopefully a fresh start), Coaching from the Couch is shortened this week. We share a few thought provoking stats and focus on a few things that need to quickly improve, and then we move forward! For the first time ever, the ‘what went right’ portion is on probation. We hope to have positives aside from moral victories to talk about within the next couple of weeks. Better days are ahead, and that starts with a bye week. Hallelujah!

At the request of one of our faithful viewers, Wendy Brown, Cougs in the Classroom makes a return to discuss the rulebook definitions of offensive and defensive pass interference! We dig into the official 2017 NCAA Rules and Interpretations and explain the important concepts to keep in mind with regards to pass interference. The name of the game? Contact. The more you know!

Thank goodness for Talk of the Town! There are always good and fun things happening in Cougar Nation (to maybe distract us a little when we need it). The Lonely Master Jimmer Fredette has made his return to Shanghai to play for the Sharks, Harvey Langi made his NFL debut for the Patriots, and ESPN spotlighted Ziggy Ansah’s foundation and his work in his home country of Ghana. And if you were wondering how adorable Jonah Trinnaman was as a two year old, you’re in luck this week!

Had a great welcoming today in Shanghai! I appreciate all the love!

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Enjoy the bye week, Cougar fans! Spend a little more time with your family, do something relaxing, and come back next week as loyal, strong and true as ever. Go Cougs! #BeatBye

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