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BYU Football POWER RANKINGS WEEK 2: Eaux Neaux

There was a lot of ugly in the Big Easy

NCAA Football: Louisiana State vs Brigham Young Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After watching the game last Saturday night I decided to give myself a few extra days to pontificate on this week’s iteration of the POWER RANKINGS. Usually I try to find the positive in what happens each week and after watching LSU beat us to a pulp, stepping away from the keyboard was probably for the best.

My blood was running hot and there were no shortage of blazing hot takes flying out of my mouth, some of which were quite colorful.

So after consecutive days of starting off into the ocean and drinking all of the Diet Dr Pepper in Los Angeles County, I think I’m prepared to type out a level-headed response to this game.

With that, let’s get to the rankings before I start getting angry all over again.


**POINT OF INFORMATION** - Since no one on the BYU offense decided to show up to the game (seriously, I checked the box score and no one was there) no offensive players will be featured this week and Jonny Linehan is banned indefinitely. That being the case I have limited the rankings to the top six performances.

6) Jonah Trinnaman

But wait, didn’t I JUST say that not a single offensive player was going to make the rankings this week? That is correct and the reason why Jonah comes in a number ten is for his exploits on special teams. If there is one characteristic that you need in a kick returner, it’s fearlessness and that’s what we saw on Saturday. With each kickoff we saw Trinnaman field the ball cleanly and then rocket into danger as if he was going to take it to the house every time. If he continues to return kicks like he did on Saturday I can see at least one KR for a touchdown this season. If fact if it doesn’t happen, I’ll shave my head. I just extended my hand out in to the air as if I was collectively shaking all of your hands to agree to this proposition. Thank you.

5) Adam Pulsipher

It wasn’t the greatest game for BYU linebackers as most of the day they were bouncing off of Derrius Guice but there were a few flashes and one of them came from Adam Pulsipher. On second and short Adam split between a pair of LSU blockers and made a nice tackle for loss. Sure it was at the end of the game when the Tigers put in their second offensive unit but hey, we’re not being picky this week.

4) Khyiris Tonga

There are few things more satisfying that watching your team hold on a goal line stand. I don’t care if the game was out of hand at this point, it’s still makes you feel good inside to know that your defense takes pride in what they do. One player in particular was our guy Khyiris. On fourth-and-goal he made it through the line of scrimmage and was quick enough to wrap on the running back long enough for Fred Warner to come help clean up the mess. Tonga is feisty and I’m excited to see what’s on the horizon for the big fella.

3) Marvin Hifo

With Micah Hannemann out with yet another targeting penalty, Marvin was thrust into the spotlight. While he did get torched on LSU’s on 52-yard pass, he did a nice job coming up in run support. He ended up being the team’s leading tackler on the night. It’s never a good sign when your safety is forced to be the leading tackler (if all is going well a LB should be racking in the tackle totals) but it was nice to see him get some solid reps and show LSU he wasn’t afraid of being physical.

2) Sione Takitaki

Did the defensive line get collectively schooled on against LSU? Oh most definitely. Did Sione Takitaki still make a few great plays even thought he was part of the group that was receiving said education? Indeed. The great players always find a way to contribute even when they’re having a rough game.

1) Troy Warner

I’ve always been impressed with Troy but I felt like the younger Warner brother came into his own in the Super Dome. In what could have been an easy place for him to cower in the face of superior athletes, Warner fought hard and showed some nice physicality in the run defense. He also kept everything in front of him on pass defense, which wasn’t all that difficult with the Tigers only attempting to throw 18 times, but I’ll still take it.


At one point in the evening BYU was playing so poorly that the ESPN crew decided to do their best Ed Orgeron impersonations. I blame the BYU offense for letting us suffer through this mess because if they were busy scoring points none of this would have happened.


There is nothing I enjoy more than some good old-fashion jostling between two fan bases. Having been to quite a few games in enemy territory I have experienced some of the good, bad and downright nasty trash talk. Our LSU friend here found the sweet spot. Well played sir.


There is a football player on the team by the name of Tanner Jacobson (subbing in this season for place kicking extraordinaire Jake Oldroyd) and my first name also happens to be Jacob. Each week we’re going to rate the performance of each Jacob and decide who had the better week.

Tanner Jacobson had a decent week on the field but where he really shined was in his interviews where he showed off what looks to be a mustache. I know that mustaches are the one form of facial hair that are allowed on campus but that nose tickler shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Testing Center. It’s terrible but, so terrible that it’s magnificent.

Jacob Welch had himself a solid week as he spent a few days at the beach with his friends. All was going well until game night when he decided to bend the rules to his advantage. What was supposed to be a fun twist ended up being a point of major frustration, especially for his girlfriend, who now feels like she can no longer trust him. What a fun time!

WINNER: Tanner Jacobson - When in doubt, the mustache always wins.


If anyone happens to get into a conversation with a Utah fan and they bring up the last six games, just go ahead and send them this link of Christian Bale expressing the same emotion that you’re probably feeling.