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Cougs on Cougs: What went right for BYU Basketball in back-to-back conference wins

Jess, Mary, and guest coach Ashley Anderson discuss the many things that went right for BYU Basketball as it earned two conference wins in a row for the first time this season.

Photo by Nate Edwards/BYU Photo

Another week has gone by, but Cougs on Cougs is still here for you! Episode 97 is packed full with a guest joining Jess and Mary for Coaching from the Couch, a Cougs and Culture segment on mascots, and a loaded Talk of the Town. Let’s get to it!

The BYU Basketball team is coming off of back-to-back conference wins for the first time this season. The Cougars defeated Pepperdine at home, 83-63, and then went on the road to beat Santa Clara 84-50. The brilliant and wonderful Ashley Anderson joined Jess and Mary to Coach from the Couch, which may nit pick a few things that went wrong before gushing about the things that went right in the two dominating wins. Have the Cougars finally found their 3rd and 4th scorers? Are free throws an issue? How good is the BYU defense, really? Watch Coaching from the Couch to get the breakdown from Coaches Blanchard, Tyler, and Anderson!

Loyal viewer Mike Shamo wrote in with an idea for a new Cougs and Culture segment about the worst mascots in high school and college sports, inspired by the rather uninspiring high school mascot of one of the BYU Basketball team members. Jess and Mary take a look at the BYU Basketball roster to find the five worst high school mascots, as well as take a look at a few of the truly terrible (or truly amazing?) mascots suggested by Mike. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this amazing segment!

In everyone’s favorite segment, Talk of the Town, the spotlight is on Yoeli Childs, who had an awesome week on the court (including being named the WCC Player of the Week) and off the court, as he celebrated his 20th birthday! We rounded up our favorite birthday shoutouts and share our favorite new ship name for Yoeli and Elijah—Yoelijah Chyant. Thanks to Kelli Succo for that one! We’ve also got updates on perennial Talk of the Town stars Jimmer Fredette and Taysom Hill, as well as some news about former BYU hoopsters Tyler Haws and Kyle Collinsworth.

Up next, BYU Basketball will try to continue its win streak with two home games — one against LMU on Thursday at 9 p.m. MST and one on Saturday against San Diego at 7 p.m. MST. Let’s hope the team is on a 4-0 run when Cougs on Cougs is back next week! And don’t forget to vote for Coach Rose in the Infinity Coaches’ Charity Challenge!

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