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Tom Holmoe addresses football staff changes, futures schedules and TV contracts in semi-annual press conference

BYU’s athletic director discussed a variety of topics during his semi-annual press conference

BYU Announces Independence in Football 2011 Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

There was no shortage of topics that were covered Wednesday morning when BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe spoke to the media in one of his semi-annual addresses. In addition to the usual questions about conference affiliation, future scheduling and TV deals, Tom fielded a lot of questions about the recent shake-up on the Cougar’s football staff. He also addressed a few questions regarding the basketball program, what’s going on with Nick Emery and his overall performance as AD.

Overall there wasn’t any breaking news that came out of the meeting. Mostly Tom confirmed BYU’s continued progress as an independent, their desire to join a P5 conference if available and his overall trust in Kalani Sitake and Dave Rose.

Here is a quick breakdown of each of the topics by way of the tweets of those who were in attendance.

The firing of Ty Detmer and his legacy at BYU

While there were a few questions about the new staff it seemed as if Tom spent a good amount of time talking about Ty Detmer, as it related to how he was brought onto the staff and the nature of his departure.

The new offensive staff and their salary mark

Kalani’s standing with Tom and BYU’s requirement for an LDS head coach

It’s never been officially confirmed before but Tom did say that the head coach of the football team needs to be LDS at BYU but the assistant coaches do not.

Regarding BYU’s independence, college football’s power brokers and their relationship with the AAC and MWC

Addressing Nick Emery and the NCAA investigation

BYU’s plans for future scheduling and TV deals

The general status of the basketball program and working with Dave Rose

It wouldn’t be a BYU press conference without a questions about Utah

And last but not least, Tom’s pick to win the Super Bowl