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Ayo & Teo light up Marriott Center for BYU Basketball halftime show

Ayo & Teo in the house!

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Remember when Cosmo danced to that “Rolex” song with the Cougarettes during halftime of the BYU/Boise State football game? And then it went super viral? Well, the guys who sing the song (Ayo & Teo) made it to Provo Saturday and performed at halftime of the BYU vs. Pacific basketball game (BYU won, 80-65).

A rap duo and the Marriott Center are a seemingly unlikely pairing, but the performance was very well received, and many fans turned out. CircusTrix helped BYU make it happen, and the place was bumpin’. Cell phone flashlights were on and the Marriott Center was lit (not so much in the Urban Dictionary sense), as Ayo & Teo came out and performed their song “Lit Right Now,” before they were joined by Cosmo and the Cougarettes, who all danced to “Rolex.”

Ayo & Teo are from Michigan and are known not just for their songs, but for their amazing dance skills. They’ve appeared in music videos like Usher’s “No Limits,” and Chris Brown’s “Party.”

Ayo & Teo (who sported plenty of Cougar gear throughout their visit) held a meet and greet in the Marriott Center concourses before the game, were seen sitting at the scorer’s table taking in some hoops after their performance, and even went back out on the floor for a dance-off with Cosmo. Great times were had by all, it seems. Many “Yoeli, Yoeli, Yoeli with a dab of ranch,” jokes were made.

Were you there to witness the performance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.