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Get to know BYU Basketball’s Yoeli Childs, with help from Elijah Bryant

Yoeli Childs answers tons of hard-hitting questions in EB&J’s latest vlog.


If you aren’t one of the more than 20,000 people subscribed to Elijah and Jenelle Bryant’s YouTube channel, you’re missing out. EB&J share things raging from behind the scenes look at life on the basketball team (or as a basketball wife), to just their day-to-day lives, to exercise and nutrition routines, and much more. Most recently, you’d be missing out on a Q&A session with BYU Basketball’s Yoeli Childs. And you really should not miss it, because it’s fantastic.

Some favorite moments/things we learned about Yo from the video:

  • When Elijah opens the video by introducing himself as Yoeli, and Yoeli as Elijah. The pair have really embraced and are making light of all of the people who (somehow, mind-blowingly) mix them up. They talk about this throughout the video several times, Yoeli even sharing a post where it was a photo of him.... but talking about Elijah. “This is our life, bro.”
  • Yoeli showing off his outfit, and especially those Ugg boots. Did you know he was a fashionista?
  • He scored 65 points in a game once, in sixth grade. Watch to hear the details, it’s pretty hilarious. “Lay-ups only.”
  • The Q&A was fan-sourced. Apparently, many people wanted to know if Yoeli is single. His answer was classic. “Am I single? Yes. Do I have time for these females? Absolutely not. I’m married to the game. I’m taken. I might as well get a ring.”
  • His favorite color is blue, because BYU is blue and Bingham High School is blue. Even his AU team growing up was blue.
  • Yoeli’s favorite NBA player is none other than LeBron James. Yoeli’s favorite NBA team is whatever team LeBron is on (so the Cavs, right now).
  • He wants to play basketball after college (of course), but then he wants to be a trainer.
  • He loves Kanye West. “He knows he’s great. You gotta know you’re great.”
  • He loves anime. (Would you ever have guessed that!?) Dragon Ball Z is his favorite TV show. If you’re an anime nerd, he wants you to hit him up and tell him what to watch.