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BYU Basketball: Vegas releases BYU’s National Title and Final Four odds

Brigham Young v Saint Mary’s Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“So you’re saying there’s a chance?”

Echoing the famous words of Lloyd Christmas, Vegas gives BYU a chance (along with every other team) to win the college basketball national title.

Vegas’ 2019 Final Four odds give BYU 125/1 odds of advancing to its first ever Final Four. Gonzaga has the fourth best odds of advancing to the Final Four with 7/4 odds. Here are a few other notable BYU opponents:

Nevada 3/1 — 5th overall

Utah 50/1

St Mary’s 50/1

San Diego State 50/1

UNLV 75/1

Utah State 200/1

Weber State 1000/1

UVU 1000/1

BYU’s national title odds get even slimmer, as Vegas gives BYU 600/1 odds of winning the national championship. Gonzaga has the 3rd best odds to win the national championship at 15/2. Yeah, the Zags are going to be good. Here are the same teams’ odds from above:

Nevada 12/1 — 7th overall

Utah 225/1

St Mary’s 225/1

San Diego State 225/1

UNLV 350/1

Utah State 1000/1

Weber State 5000/1

UVU 5000/1

So, if you’re feeling that this is our year, go to Vegas or Wendover and put $10 on the Cougars for a chance to get $6,000 back!