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Video: Taysom Hill scores first career NFL touchdown

Touchdown Taysom!

Washington Redskins v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Taysom is running for touchdowns in the NFL.

After a couple nice runs earlier in the game, Taysom Hill came in at QB for the Saints and ran for a one-yard touchdown.

Taysom has been a popular topic of conversation all night on the Monday night broadcast, with announcers referring to him as the “swiss army knife of the NFL” and ESPN showing a highlight reel from Taysom’s BYU days.

With Taysom lining up all over the field, maybe ESPN and other fantasy outlets will finally give fantasy owners the option to let Taysom play other positions?

As of this publishing, the Saints and Redskins are still playing in the fourth quarter.

Three three quarters, Taysom has 12 rushing yards on 3 carries and has 30 kickoff return yards.