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Video: “I Am Not Invincible” Tanner Mangum opens up about mental health

Connecticut v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Many know Tanner Mangum for his accomplishments on the football field, but he has also been an advocate and inspiration to many about mental health awareness. His latest venture comes as the centerpiece of a mini-series that dives into football players and mental health.

The four-part mini series was produced by Football Matters, which is a “nationwide campaign that exists to celebrate the positive impact the game has made on millions of players, coaches, administrators, volunteers, and fans nationwide.”

Here is more from Football Matters about the scope of the four-part series:

“Football Matters has released the first installment in a four-part digital series on mental health in football entitled “Unashamed.” In the first installment, Football Matters sat down with BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum, who last year made public his history of anxiety and depression, in turn shedding light on an important topic in the world of college football... Tanner is super excited about the series, and he will be featured throughout the episodes (though not as predominately as the first episode). We will also feature other BYU folks as well.”

You can watch the six-minute video below: