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Heartbreak. BYU falls to Utah

BYU v Utah Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images


BYU blew a 20-0 halftime lead and 27-7 lead late in the third quarter as the Cougars fell on the road to Utah, 35-27.

BYU’s offense and defense clicked early, but the team ran out of steam in the fourth quarter as Utah moved the ball at will. Second half injuries to linebacker Isaiah Kaufusi and running back Matt Hadley didn’t do the Cougars any favors either to stop the avalanche that was Utah.

Zach Wilson made some great plays on the night — including 204 passing yards, 73 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns — but conservative play calling in the fourth quarter took the ball out of his hands at times down the stretch.

Utah played well in the second half and won the game — hats off to them. But this game will no doubt sting for a long time for Cougar fans everywhere.

BYU finishes the regular season at 6-6 and now awaits their bowl game destination.