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BYU Football Recruiting: DE Brooks Maile signs with the Cougars

My mans plays rugby too.

The Cougars pick up another big fella in the 2019 recruiting class with the signing of Brooks Maile, a DE / TE from Pine View High School in St George, Utah.

After the change to BYU’s coaching staff in 2016 we’ve seen the Cougars transition to an offense that relies on physical tight ends and a defense that requires athletic defensive ends. The addition of Maile, who is a multi-sport athlete (rugby and track in addition to football), will be great for the depth of the program at key positions.

Brooks, standing at 6’3” and 285 lbs., currently has a 3-star .818 rating on the recruiting site 247 Sports. Players of his size will greatly benefit from college conditioning and eating program, allowing him to gain size and strength to compete at the next level. He also had an offer from Utah State.

You can check out some of his highlights below.