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Uniformity: Bask in the glow of these BYU baseball uniforms from the 1980s

Throwing it back to when BYU’s baseball team looked good and played even better.

Welcome to Uniformity, a special place of the internet dedicated to our healthy obsession with anything and everything to do with BYU uniforms. Here we’ll discuss updates to new uniform sets, explore the rich history of Cougar gear and pontificate on what the future could behold.

My friends it is Thursday, and as citizens of the internet we all know that Thursdays are for throwing it back. That is exactly what I intend to do here on today’s Uniformity post.

Let us travel back to the early 1980s when Ronald Reagan was still in office and our dad’s were probably sporting their own version of the Mangnum, PI mustache. Olivia Newton-John was helping us get physical and gluten was still years away from becoming the alleged cause for all of our health problems. Of utmost importance, this was a glorious era for BYU baseball and their uniforms.

Earlier this week, someone posted a photo of this beautiful new hat that is being sold by Zephyr, and I went looking into the archives to see if BYU had previously used that cougar logo on their caps in the past. While my search didn’t yield any results, I was still fortunate to come across two classic baseball uniforms worn by BYU great and MLB All-Star Wally Joyner.

This first photo (which looks like it could be a baseball card) shows off a unique typeface with a powder blue fill and white lining. These same colors are used on stripes around the collar and on the sleeves. From this photo it’s hard to say if this is a darker shade of royal blue or lighter navy blue but either way it’s a solid look. I’m not a huge fan of BYU mixing their current navy and royal blues but these colors in this design template works great (even if powder blue isn’t one of our colors).

The pullover jersey is the highlight of this set, but the cap and pants are solid. You can never go wrong with that block Y cap and white pants with the thin blue line. You can check out this same jersey but with power blue pants in this video. If anything BYU should bring these back to honor the 1983 squad which was one of the best teams in program history.

In this other photo, we get to see the full uniform, from the classic Pony cleats and old school stirrups to the block Y caps. The base elements are similar to what we saw above except this time we have a Mets-style racing stripe on the pants and BYU on the jersey front in Old English script. In a perfect world, I would pair these pants with the jersey top in the first photo but this combo below is serviceable.

Do you have a preference between these two uniform sets from the 80s? Let us know what you think in the comments.