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Fred Warner Invited to NFL Combine

The former BYU linebacker will get a chance to impress scouts and move up draft boards

BYU v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

In a well deserved honor, former BYU linebacker Fred Warner has received an invite to the NFL combine. The combine will be held in Indianapolis from February 27-March 5. Warner is the lone BYU invitee.

After a stellar 4-year career at BYU, Warner sealed his combine invite with nice week at the Senior Bowl; he was one of the standouts of the week, and even received buzz as a top 50 pick in April’s draft.

That seems a bit ambitious at the moment, but a big week at the combine could elevate Warner into the top 3 rounds. In his NFL combine profile page, currently projects Warner as a 4-5 round draft pick. Interestingly, they name his NFL comparison as former BYU linebacker Alani Fua.

Here’s what has as his overall, “bottom line” analysis: “Warner’s future success could largely depend on who takes him and how they use him. While most will view him as an outside linebacker, Warner moves around like a big safety. With his instincts and cover skills in space, finding a hybrid role in sub-packages might be where he is best utilized. Warner’s size, speed and workout at the Combine may play into his draft value more heavily than many other prospects. Warner should find immediate work as a backup who can help on special teams.”

Best of luck to Fred as he gets ready to compete at the NFL combine!