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Uniformity: BYU Baseball shows off new navy uniform in win over Utah

Cougars add a new navy look to their wardrobe

Welcome to Uniformity, a special place of the internet dedicated to our healthy obsession with anything and everything to do with BYU uniforms. Here we’ll discuss updates to new uniform sets, explore the rich history of Cougar gear and pontificate on what the future could behold.

Now is as good a time as any to talk BYU Baseball because 1) basketball season is over for the Cougars and 2) the Bat Cats just secured a win over Utah in dramatic fashion. They’re off to a little of of an uneven start after being swept at home by LMU but there is no question Mike Littlewood will have the guys rounding into form as they continue conference play.

At any rate, it’s time we talk about BYU’s new uniform set that was on display last night.

While most BYU teams will have one single template that uses multiple colors (like the football team with their navy, royal, white and black jerseys that share the same design) the baseball team has a bit more flexibility as they have multiple templates and colors for their uniforms. In the 2017 season, and early in 2018, we’ve seen the Bat Cats sport their traditional white home uniform with the block Y on the chest, a cream throwback with BYU in block letters across the front and a royal blue pullover. Last year they wore a navy pullover that matched the template of the royal version but this year they get an upgrade.

Posted by BYU Baseball on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

After taking a close look at these jerseys I can say confidently that these are one of their best looks and is a MAJOR upgrade over the old navy uniform. If you look close you can see that the template has some small similarities to the base white set. You can see the pipping around the collar matches that of the white set, along with the similar bar of color across the back above the number. But unlike the white set, the pipping is truncated in the front because the jersey isn’t a full button down. The highlight here is the use of “Cougs” across the chest in a font with strong serif strokes that cut into the letters, similar what you see with Michigan State’s branding. It’s a simple, clean look that stands out on the diamond.

Hopefully we’ll see more of these beauties throughout the season.