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Cougs on Cougs: Discussing BYU’s high highs and low lows in the WCC Tourney

Jess and Mary are back after a week off to discuss a win for BYU Basketball over Saint Mary’s then a loss to Gonzaga for an NCAA bid.

NCAA Basketball: West Coast Conference Tournament-Gonzaga vs BYU Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Cougars on Cougars is back after a week off. BYU Basketball had a triumphant first two games in the WCC Tournament, first beating San Diego 85-79 and then taking down the Saint Mary’s Gaels, 85-72. With those two wins, the Cougars made it to the championship game to face the no. 6 Gonzaga Bulldogs. The going was good for a few minutes, but then the Cougars got behind and there was absolutely no recovering. BYU lost the game 74-54, along with an NCAA Tournament auto bid. Cougar fans truly were riding very high highs after the Saint Mary’s game only to be knocked down mightily by Gonzaga. Jess and Mary are still a little depressed about it.

The ladies start things off by talking about the two most recent performances for BYU Basketball, comparing them to Two Face from Batman. What went wrong and what went right in the Jekyll and Hyde performances? Coach Tyler was disappointed with rebounding in the Gonzaga game (among other things), both ladies lamented sloppy turnovers, and Coach Blanchard wants to know where the three point shooting went. There was a more than 10 percent drop in three point shooting between January and February. Coaches Tyler and Blanchard focus on some of the bright spots from the Saint Mary’s game, like the 20 assists the Cougars had, seven of them being from TJ Haws (who also had 0 turnovers — he had 4 of the Cougars’ 10 against Gonzaga the next day). Where do you think it all came together then fell apart for BYU on Monday and Tuesday?

After Couch Coaching, Talk of the Town starts out with talk of spring ball for BYU Football! That’s right, football is back in Provo. With some big changes on the coaching staff, there’s a lot to look for in the several practices that will be held throughout March and April (with the spring game being on April 7). Jess and Mary share the Spring Football schedule, talk about some roster stuff, and then move on to talk about several former Cougars like Fred Warner in the NFL Combine, Harvey Langi and his recovery after a scary car crash, and Royal Army Brand’s newest shirts, inspired by none other than Kyle Van Noy.

On the basketball side of things, TJ Haws has a doppelgänger (not Gollum from Lord of the Rings) and that doppelgänger is right up in Salt Lake City. Do you see the resemblance? And also, can the Cougars please beat the Bulldogs next year? For fans everywhere, but especially for poor Brandon Davies (teammate of Kevin Pangos) out in Lithuania. Davies got to wake up at 3 a.m. to witness that ugly WCC Tourney championship game. Our sympathies.

Lastly, Jess and Mary have come up with a new musical/BYU Sports hashtag, inspired by The Greatest Showman — #TheGreatestCougs. Luckily, they broke out the hashtag when times were still good after the Saint Mary’s game and got some really fun responses, pairing lyrics from the musical with BYU Basketball situations. Send us your best pairings! You know we love this kind of stuff — Cougs and Culture!

Up next for the Cougars, it is likely the NIT. Selections for the tournament will be from March 9-11 and the first round will be on March 13 and 14. Cross your fingers that BYU will get a home game — that will depend on a lot of other happenings around the NCAA. We’ll tweet out when the selection show is for the NIT, and what the outcome is. Oh, and there are two days left to vote for Coach Rose in the Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge, so keep doing that. Go to or tweet using the hashtags #CoachDaveRose and #Timeout2Vote.

Jess and Mary will be off next week but will return the week after to talk about how the Cougars’ postseason is going. See you then.

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