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Nick Emery says he plans to be back for BYU Basketball

Will Nick Emery be back at BYU next year? He spoke out on the topic.

NCAA Basketball: Brigham Young at Gonzaga James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

BYU Basketball’s 2017-18 season has been over for about a month and the offseason is already in full swing. Associate Head Coach Heath Schroyer is out, Star forward Yoeli Childs is testing NBA Draft waters, and the annual banquet was held Tuesday... Among other unanswered questions for the hoopsters: Will guard Nick Emery return after taking a year off? According to Emery, that is in fact the plan.

Emery tweeted Tuesday night (okay, it was more like Wednesday morning [at 2:43 a.m.]) that his plan is to be “back in Cougar Blue” despite all of his “challenges and trials.”

Likely, the challenges and trials Emery is referring to are the allegations against him that got him involved in an NCAA investigation. Those allegations suggest that Emery received improper benefits from a BYU alumnus (travel benefits, concert tickets, etc.). There was also an investigative piece from the Salt Lake Tribune and a Jetta involved. You can look back on that article from the Trib if you so desire, here.

BYU has not made any official announcements concerning Emery since sharing that he would take the 2017-18 season off. He also withdrew from school. Shortly after, Emery came out with his blog, called OUTLIVE. On the blog, Emery has talked about some of his personal life, including some of his thoughts on the NCAA investigation.

In addition to Emery’s tweet about returning in Cougar Blue, he has been tweeting quite a bit over the past few days (and really just more in general since starting up the blog), opening up a Q&A, recommending for people to take the high road, saying he wishes the best for the people who “committed and fabricated” allegations to the NCAA and BYU, and much more. See his feed, here.

As a reminder, BYU Basketball had no seniors on their team this past season, so potentially, everyone could return, with some expected additions like Gavin Baxter. What would Emery’s return mean for the scholarship crunch at BYU? Luckily, Keith Shirts has already addressed this for you all. Check out his piece on that, here. Needless to say, there would be a lot to figure out, but many fans would be happy to see Nick Emery back with the squad.

Again, no official word has been handed down on if or when Emery will return. Stick with Vanquish the Foe for continued updates on the situation.