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Report: Yoeli Childs not invited to NBA Draft Combine

Will this cause Yoeli to return to BYU?

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NBA Draft Combine invites have been going out over the weekend, and it appears BYU sophomore forward Yoeli Childs was not one of the players invited.

CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein reported the news Tuesday morning on BYU Sports Nation.

With around 70 players typically participating in the combine and only 60 players selected in the NBA Draft, the chances for an American player to be selected in the draft decrease dramatically without an invite. International players are also selected that do not participate in the combine, further diminishing Childs’ chances.

Kyle Collinsworth was invited to the combine in 2016, but was not drafted. He did play in the NBA this past year after playing multiple years in the G-League.

The news is no doubt a bummer for Yoeli, but likely does increase his chances of returning to BYU. He’ll now have to decide if he wants to return to BYU for another year to increase his draft stock, or if he wants to get paid immediately (likely in the G-League or overseas) and work on basketball full time.

Ultimately, he may decide his best chance of making the NBA is developing in a professional league right away (and getting paid in the process) rather than spending another year in school.

Yoeli has until May 30 to withdraw from the draft.