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Brandon Davies to join Team Fredette in The Basketball Tournament


Iona v Brigham Young Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

BYU Hoops fans are about to get a trip down memory lane.

Brandon Davies announced Wednesday morning that he’ll join former BYU teammates Jimmer Fredette and Charles Abouo in the 2 million dollar, winner-take-all tournament known as the “The Basketball Tournament.”

Here is how The Basketball Tournament is described on its website:

“The Basketball Tournament (TBT) is the most intense basketball tournament in the world: a winner-take-all/$2 million/ESPN.”

The tournament consists of 72 teams in a 4-quadrant bracket (18 teams in each quadrant); Team Fredette is the number 2 seed in in the midwest quadrant. All games are broadcast on ESPN networks.

Team Fredette’s first game will be Saturday, July 21 at 12:00 EDT in Columbus, Ohio on ESPN. The entire Team Fredette roster can be viewed here.

Who’s ready to watch Jimmer, Brandon Davies and Charles Abouo team up once again with 2 million dollars on the line? With football season still a month and a half away, Team Fredette will surely be getting support from BYU fans across the country.