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BYU Football: How you can win a BYU50xNike box

The BYU50 campaign has changed dramatically — read all about the new rules.

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Update: We know what’s in the boxes now and... it’s lit, y’all.

Another year of BYU50 gets underway on Fri. Jul 13 in Alabama. The campaign marks 50 days till the start of BYU Football’s season, spans across all 50 states, and rewards faithful fans with various BYU merchandise. Last year it was official BYU helmets. This year, the rules and the prizes are changing. BYU has partnered with Nike to fill the BYU50 boxes. Though fans won’t know exactly what’s in them until the 13, they can be sure that it will be good.

As for the rules... They’ve changed to hopefully provide participants with much better chances of winning than they’ve had in the past. BYU says they changed the rules due to feedback from participants, so know that you are listened to.

Previously, the first one to the BYU50 site won the box, or the first few people to the drop site competed in random games for the box. This year, anyone who arrives at the drop site within half an hour of its announcement will be eligible to win the box (there will still be free t-shirts at the sites like there have been in the past, too).

Here’s how it will go: BYU will post the drop site on their social media accounts. The first person to the drop site will win a BYU50 flag. Say BYU posts the drop site at 6 p.m. Fans have until 6:30 p.m. to get to the drop site and post a picture with a BYU banner up at the site, using the hashtag #BYU50 to their social media accounts (note: your social media accounts must be public for entries to count). By the end of the day, BYU will randomly select the state’s winner, and then the BYU50 box will be mailed to him or her.

Make sure you are following BYU on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so you know when and where the drops are happening. The schedule for each state is below:

Have fun and best of luck to all those fans after a box. What do you think of the new rules? Are they more fair? Will you be competing for one? Leave your thoughts in the comments. And the biggest takeaway from all of this? BYU Football is almost upon us!