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BYU Cougar Links: It’s Jimmer Time again and national folks still love it

Jimmer’s team is up again in TBT and a national mag gives BYU football predictions

Houston Rockets v Chicago Bulls

Goooood Friday morning to y’all. Snack on these BYU sports links, why don’t ya:

Jimmer Fredette is playing like it’s 2011 again

Yes, it’s Friday, so not only is it the end of the work week (for some of you, at least), but it’s also Peanut Butter Jimmer Time. Team Fredette plays tonight in The Basketball Tournament’s Round of 16. So hustle home from work, if you need to. Jimmer, Chuck Abouo and Brandon Davies tip off at 5 p.m. MT on ESPN2.

The link above is from Mark Titus at The Ringer, who writes “With each 3-pointer he drains from deep, he further drives home TBT’s appeal: tapping into college basketball’s not-so-distant past.”

Athlon predicts BYU football’s 2018 season, game by game

Bowl eligibility? Perhaps. Check out the predictions.

BYU thinks it has offensive firepower, like they thought last year

Jay Drew is back in the saddle at the Salt Lake Tribune with an examination of one of BYU’s worst-ever offensive teams, and if things will be different this year.

Top 5 kickers/punters in BYU history

Jared Lloyd and Darnell Dickson continue their discussions on all-time BYU position groups.

Taysom Hill watch continues in New Orleans

In the Saints’ position battles, Taysom Hill continues to get ink/pixels from those who cover the team.