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BYU Fall Camp Recap, Day 1: Beau Hoge at Running Back, Position Changes, Roster Updates and more

Football is here!

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Brigham Young Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Football is back!

Day one of BYU Fall Camp is in the books, and roster updates and position changes were the big stories of the day. Here are the main headlines from day one:

Beau Hoge is listed as a Quarterback and Running Back

BYU released the updated roster to the media, and Beau Hoge is listed as a QB/RB. Ed Lamb hinted that Hoge has been experimenting at other positions, and today it was confirmed that Hoge will be getting work at running back.

Kalani said that they’ll have a “wait and see” approach in regards to Hoge’s permanent position, but it appears likely that the change to running back for Hoge will be permanent. Hoge is the son of former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Merrill Hoge.

Beau has suffered multiple concussions during his BYU career, but said he’s not worried about future concussions.

Trey Dye is no longer on the roster

WR/RB Trey Dye’s BYU career is over due to medical issues. He’ll stay with the team as a student coach.

Other potential position changes

Safety Tanner Jacobson was listed as a DB/RB, while Matt Hadley was listed as a LB/RB. Hadley received a medical redshirt this offseason. Here is the full roster given to the media:

Starting QB Timetable

Kalani told the media that he wants to name a starting QB “as soon as possible.” With Beau Hoge getting reps at running back, it appears the race is down to Tanner Mangum, Joe Critchlow and Zach Wilson.

Here’s Kalani discussing Beau Hoge’s switch to RB and the QB situation: