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Cougar Links: Chew on BYU news about the QB battle, Nick Emery and more from Tom Holmoe

Quarterback battle? Tom Holmoe talks independence, Big 12 and Nick Emery? Yeah, there’s plenty to chew on from Wednesday in BYU land.

BYU Announces Independence in Football 2011 Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

There’s plenty to chew on in BYU sports land.

Let’s get to it with a new edition of Cougar Links.

Like, does BYU have a true threat at kicker? And we nearly have a QB starter?

Kalani Sitake named Skyler Southam the starting kicker, while there were plenty of tidbits about the QB battle and more in our practice roundup.

Whoa, Tom Holmoe. Chill out with the bomb-dropping here

BYU’s athletic director spoke at BYU education week and held serve about BYU athletics. As usual, independence/Big 12 came up. He kinda told fans to stop with the persecution complex. But he also said BYU may still face sanctions over the Nick Emery investigation and spoke a little about scheduling games against Utah.

The new guys are apparently better at football than other new guys previously

So says Kalani Sitake.

Does BYU have a go-to running back or will carries be split as they search for anyone to be a difference-maker?

Jay Drew examines that question with comments from several coaches.

Ranching? Punching bulls in the face?

Jared Lloyd brings out the stories of BYU players with farming/ranching backgrounds. Worth a read.

Is it BYU? Then yes, there are stories about Kaufusis

Jeff Call writes about the tradition and Corbin and Devin, specifically.